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About Dataretrieval.com Complaints, Reviews.

Thanks for wonderful and quick help! Not everything is lost

I want to say thank you to DataRetrieval.com! Here is my review. Not long ago I had a horrible problem – my computer was attacked by viruses. I though that I would never experience such problems, as, in my view, many of us. I always install different programs which protect my computer from virus attacks, but it was such a surprise, when they didn’t work! At first some files start disappearing from the desktop. I haven’t even noticed it in the beginning. Then in one wonderful day my computer just refused to work. How disappointing it was! I even wanted to cry. I haven’t ever gotten such like situation, so I didn’t know what to do. I surfed through the Internet, found some websites, who offered data recovery. But there are so many of such sites and I even haven’t got an idea of what to choose. Well, I stopped at DataRetrieval.com, which reviews were quite positive. This company promised professional help, highly-qualified specialists, who’ll make data retrieval in quickest terms and most reasonable prices. So, I had no choice and believed their promises.

And what a surprise was it, when in a few days their specialists called me and told to get back my computer. I thought that they didn’t manage to recover the data, but I was wrong! They cleaned my system, everything has been recovered and still work wonderfully! Thank you very much one more time. I advice their service to everyone!

Anna R.

A story about how dataretrieval.com did save my hard drive.

One day, I was just cleaning out my flat and decided to “clean” my computer from the inside with… vacuum cleaner. Yes, it sounds strange but I’ve already done it before. I don’t exactly know what happened, but I must have touched the hard drive with a hose of the cleaner before my screen showed “blue screen of death”. By reading all that stuff on the screen I managed to understand that some kind of hardware error occurred; I realized that it was my fault.

While searching on the internet, I came on a plenty of positive dataretrieval.com reviews. I wasn’t thinking too much because I’m used to believe people. Moreover, the specialists from that company claim that they are capable of doing data retrieval from all types of devices.

When I went to their center in Pittsburg I was surprised by how patiently their managers are and I was also wondered by all the conditions and atmosphere. Before that, I had visited only “centers” in basement, specialists in which were spotty teenagers. So, it was strange that there are even a few of bad dataretrieval.com reviews on the web (I suppose they are written by competitors). I talked to the master and explained the entire situation that happened; he took my hard drive and said to wait 24 hours. After 2 days left (I was busy) I came back and asked for my device. It was completely repaired and the price was very low. They checked whether it works or not on their machine to make me convinced and I went home happy. I was glad of that, especially taking into account that today there are a lot of “fake data recovery centers” that completely have no clue what they are doing.

After I made sure that all the data is ok and my computer recognizes hard drive as before, I decided to make a small gift for them, – I replenished a “thrift-box” of positive dataretrieval.com reviews so that other people may know about the way this company does its job.

Alex P.

The story about lost photos or how I recovered my soaked flash card

I’m sure it is common for many people not to take care of files stored on the flash drives and hard drives. So did I until once all data that I kept on the flash drive happened to be unavailable. They were not so important as passwords or database of clients. They were just photos we took on our skiing holidays but their loss became a disaster for all the family. The flash was in the pocket of the jeans when I stuffed them into the washing machine with the other clothes. I had no time to make a backup copy of them that’s why I needed specialists’ help to recover the lost photos. Knowing little about such situations I asked around friends and surfed the net and made a conclusion that there might be a solution. I had never heard of DataRetrieval.com before and only found out about them from a google search for data recovery. I then looked for DataRetrieval.com reviews and found a lot of positive ones. As I was in desperate need of my lost photos I went ahead and tried them out.

Now I can say that all positive DataRetrieval.com reviews turned out to be true. The service of this company was very personalized and reliable. Before dispatching the item , I was contacted by staff to learn some details. I appreciated that DataRetrieval cares about security issues and bothers to contact a client.
I want to start my DataRetrieval.com review with the fact that my flash card was recovered in no time. When replacing it in my Toshiba Notebook, I was satisfied to see that it was working as usual and all my photos were saved which pleased me a lot. Now I am very careful with all my data and my flash cards. And I also know that in the case of emergency DataRetrieval will give you a helping hand.

Katrin S.


Affordable rates and great service.

Completely satisfied and surprised with Data Retrieval working after the Data from two of my laptops’ hard drive was recovered. Very honest and good Company I have ever seen.


The greatest thing that I have ever seen is Data Retrieval Company, which make problems disappear.
Data Retrieval really saved my hopes, that my computer will be rescued. After I have read reviews about DataRetrieval.com I was insured in that fact that I have to try my luck and use it. For people, who do not understand the system of hard drive data recovery, connected with computers, it is always hard to make something with their own hands without any help of the specialists. Data Retrieval is the solution of the problems.
It is well-known company, has very high ratings and I am happy to deal with them.


 Sometimes the confusion take place, when moving things from one drive disk to another and it happens so that some important information can be lost or accidently deleted. To ma regret, I had the same situation and was absolutely shocked by that fact. I deleted the footage which was to be edited, the short film, which I moved from one disk drive to another, I mean. The disbelief and self-hatred and some crying involved me.
Data Retrieval Company rescued the lost data from the disk drive I had. Two days passed and for about 95% of the footage was retrieved. I was so much happy; it seems that it was the first time I was so much delighted by such news. DataRetrieval.com is my hero!



DataRetrieval.com fixed my MacBook in time and the price of this rescue procedure was great! Data Retrieval solved the problem without any difficulties.
I like the fact that I can trust to this company. They know what to do and do it perfect. Anyway when have problem situation I am absolutely sure I can ask for help by this company and Data retrieval will do their best to help me.
They speak slowly, clearly, in such a way, which is understood for every person as well. Never make accent on not knowing the principle operation of your computer. Here I got advice of what things I have to purchase to improve the workflow.



Amazing! The only computer rescue agency, which I have ever deal with and stay satisfied by the done work. I am so happy to find DataRetrieval.com, which is available to every person. I have looked 7 years for a rescuer, so happy we found Data Retrieval Company!


It is very sad, when your hard drive of Mac PowerBook suddenly start to work bad, and you feel helplessness. Data Retrieval is the way out of the unpleasant situation, which happened to your computer. I was rather washed out, and then I was informed about that fact, that I could be rescued. My data of hard disk drive was recovered. I recommend DataRetrieval.com to everyone. So, if it happens, that I need some help again, Data Retrieval will be my rescuer in any way!


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  1. Vitaliy
    November 28, 2012 at 7:51 am

    it is so interesting, I will read your blog

  2. Val Golary
    December 1, 2012 at 7:44 pm

    I did not know what happened to the hard drive of my MacBook but I had no access to one single important file folder. I know that it usually happens because of some physical or virus damage. It turned out that my sister’s small boy got on my computer when it was on and deleted the file, even form the Trash Bin. Therefore, I had no other choice rather than asking for help from DataRetrievalReviews.com which I thought of as a professional assistance in situations similar to mine. I was pleased with the result and the speed of operation.
    Thanks Dataretrieval.com

  3. Anna
    December 6, 2012 at 5:03 pm

    AWESOME data recovery service among all I came across here! My laptop visited five different companies before I could find one with reasonable service cost (to my mind) and DataRetrieval.com has far lower service costs for HDD recovery. I was prepared to think I’ve lost all my pictures, music and so on, but in the end I’m grateful for this company and their recovery methods! I’m amazed as they moved everything to my external HDD drive and it took them just 2 days. I left it with them on Monday, got message the next day, and received my data on my other HDD drive on Wednesday. I’m far more than satisfied with prices and service!

  4. Gevorg
    December 10, 2012 at 6:02 pm

    We would definitely recommend this company to our partners and other clients as highly professional experts. They know their job very well and provide extremely comfortable service. We had situation with 8 Seagate HDD drives failure; they were in RAID 5 configuration containing our client’s database and imagine! It crashed! Our data recovery issue was extremely urgent so we made a request about Data Recovery Plan in Emergency Scenario. Actually this company appeared to be the only one providing such kind of data recovery service in emergency case, and it is situated in LA. However we could find another one, but this company arranges HDD drive transfer to another state to recover the drive, and the whole process takes much time and may cost a fortune. So we decided to proceed with Data Retrieval and it was right choice as we got our HDDs back in just 8 hours and all data was on its place. Company did great job! They transferred recovered data to another separate external HDD and we now grant them 5 stars for their efforts!

  5. Helen
    December 17, 2012 at 7:39 am

    My Mac Book Pro suddenly refused starting up. It is a bit less than a year old and had been the perfect laptop so far. The only sign I was getting from it was a blinking folder with a question mark. There was nothing else; no sounds, no messages, nothing. And then it died. I restarted several times, saw the screen of death a couple of times, eventually made it start up to some point, but the system still wouldn’t load.

    I called Apple and had the HDD replaced. I got my old HDD back from them. Then I called Data Retrieval. They were really nice, calm and willing to explain everything one hundred times until I get it. So I brought them my hard drive on Friday. On Monday I heard from them; they had mounted the drive and begun the cleaning process. They said the data seemed recoverable, so they were going to try and migrate it. The guys I talked to were extremely nice and easygoing throughout the entire process. You know, it matters a lot. When you are freaking out because you’re losing your data, working with friendly and helpful people really makes a difference. They calmed me down and ensured everything would be okay. I could see they were doing everything to make things work.

    They managed to recover almost all my data, so I’m reeeeally happy. They saved me a lot of trouble.

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